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11 MAR 2018 – 2.30pm



chirinesquA king betrayed by his wife, decides to wreak his revenge on womankind by bedding, then slaughtering, one virgin every night… but then he meets Sheherazade.
Sheherazade, the storyteller who saved her own life together with the lives of her children by telling stories for a thousand and one nights, is one of the great cultural creations of the Arab world.
Stories nestle within stories, with demons, errant spouses, thieves, fools and comedians all jostling for attention. The fabulous Egyptian storyteller and performer Chirine El Ansary returns to the Crick Crack Club to tell some of the most intriguing and deliciously seductive episodes from The Nights, stories that explore the deepest passions and desires of men and women.

PirouzeCHIRINE EL ANSARY: Cairo born, and Le Coq and Goldsmith’s trained in Paris and London, Chirine El Ansary is a storyteller and physical performer living in Egypt and France, and working in French, English and Arabic. Chirine was one of the first performers to perform in the ancient buildings in the heart of the old city of Cairo, and in the markets and old palaces of Damascus and Aleppo. Today she is an international storyteller and has performed in cities diverse as Sana’a, Nairobi, Zanzibar, Johannesburg, Rome, Naples, Rotterdam, Paris and London.  Presented as part of HeForShe Arts Week

‘Captivating, enchanting, a joy to witness‘ Everything Theatre

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