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In a field on the outskirts of Cranborne village, there is a hill, and it has a door….

One of Dorset’s best kept secrets, the Earthouse is a 200-seat theatre – lit by lamplight and fire-light. Here audiences sit on wooden benches, under an earth roof, held up by 21 huge oak tree trunks… they come to listen to stories. The Ancient Technology Centre works with the Crick Crack Club to bring some of the finest contemporary performance storytellers to this fabulous off-beat venue – turning it into a cinema of the imagination.

 ‘I was spellbound – I don’t use the word lightly’ THE TIMES

‘the art of storytelling is in the surest, safest hands here’ REMOTE GOAT


fatesquare18 AUGUST  7.30pm


performance storytelling by Ben Haggarty

Take the tether
untie the knot
and let the beast

Join performance storyteller Ben Haggarty at his most alarming, as he presents remixed, extended and explicit Greek myths. Expect sex with Zeus, twice-born gods, women-headed horses, formidable goddesses and some nasty clashes between naive mortals and uppity deities. This is world-class storytelling: dark, magical and provocative.

‘Bloody brilliant’ Time Out 

TICKETS: £11 adult (suitable 16+)(booking fees apply)
LOCATION: The Ancient Technology Centre, Damerham Road, Cranborne, Dorset, BH21 5RP
Wrap up warm; bring a torch, a cushion & wear sensible shoes...

band1thumbSMALL13 OCTOBER  7.30pm


performance storytelling by Emily Hennessey, Mikael Oberg & Ben Haggarty,  with music by Jonah Brody & Sheema Mukherjee.

Back by popular demand – the Gods & Monsters show returns!

Take a trip to the underworld…
Walk into the fire…
And don’t look back….
The stage is set for a high voltage mythological mash-up!

Combining performance storytelling, music and song, Pandvani108 turn on the epic jukebox to bring us a wild night of unbowdlerised global myth and epic, in untamed short form style. Gods, monsters, giants, warriors & divas from Greece, Ireland, the Scandinavian North, the Indian heat and far beyond, are all hauled centre stage.

Far from sedate spoken word, this is a brash & exuberant cinema of the imagination, inspired by a 3,000 year old epic singing tradition and with more deities than you can shake a stick at. Encounter the Short Myth Massive – live and irresistibly direct!

‘playful, powerful, dynamic…a highlight!’ Beyond the Border

TICKETS: £11 adult, £6 children (suitable 14+)(booking fees apply)
BOX OFFICE: Tickets by phone ony 01202 888 992 (office hours)
LOCATION: The Ancient Technology Centre, Damerham Road, Cranborne, Dorset, BH21 5RP
Wrap up warm; bring a torch, a cushion & wear sensible shoes...

band1JB210 NOVEMBER  7.30pm


performance storytelling by Jan Blake, with music by Matt Chandler

From juke joints and brothels, to slave shacks and plantations – under the starlit sky of the deep Southern States emancipated slaves of the African Diaspora, dressed in indigo dyed denim and banned from singing their homeland songs, created, sang and lived the BLUES!

Fusing song, folktale and legend, the remarkable storyteller Jan Blake, and blues guitarist Matt Chandler, tell the blues. Join them for a night in the very fine company of those who’ve got the blues, those who defy the blues, those who cure them, and those who cause them. This is a performance to raise the roof and bring the stars down to the windows to listen…

TICKETS: £11 adult, £6 children (suitable 12+)(booking fees apply)
BOX OFFICE: Book by phone 01202 888 992 (office hours)
LOCATION: The Ancient Technology Centre, Damerham Road, Cranborne, Dorset, BH21 5RP
Wrap up warm; bring a torch, a cushion & wear sensible shoes...



  • Wrap up warm, bring a cushion & wear sensible shoes! A torch might also come in handy!
  • There is no bar on site, and we don’t have a license to sell you alcohol – but we’ll supply something nice instead.
  • We open the site at 6pm and the doors of the Earthouse at 7pm. In summer, please feel free to come from 6pm and sit in the sun – you can even bring a picnic (just don’t munch food while the show is on).
  • If the show is listed as ‘sold out’ then it really is sold out.
  • We have toilets!
  • Wheelchair users can drive up to the venue, but please let us know in advance if you’ll need to do this. You can call the ATC on 01725 517 618.
  • Shows are suitable for adults. Please refer to child age guidelines on each show. Under 16s must be accompanied by an adult at all times.
  • We sometimes have (official) photographers discreetly taking pictures at these events – if you don’t want to be in these pictures, then please let a member of staff know.
  • The ATC is a no smoking site.
  • No dogs are allowed on site – we have some ancient breeds of sheep who live here, and they wouldn’t appreciate the company!
  • The Ancient Technology Centre is located behind Cranborne Middle School. Turn off Damerham Road into Cranborne Middle School. Parking is in the school car-park. Walk up the road from the car-park to the Ancient Technology Centre, and follow the lane and then the twinkly lights and the candle lanterns (and all the other people!) to the doors of the Earthouse.
  • The 2018 storytelling event dates at the Earthouse are: 21st April, 19th May, 16th June, 14th July, 18th August, 13th October, 10th November.


  • General ticket queries & waiting lists: The Crick Crack Club 07791 157 437 or
  • Queries about tickets already booked by phone: East Dorset Heritage Trust 01202 888 992
  • Queries about tickets already booked on-line: