Themed performances
by various artists

The Crick Crack Club creates multiple-voice themed events for performances at Rich Mix, The Soho Theatre and other partner venues. The following are just examples of these performances.

Rogues' Gallery  The Good, The Bad and The Ugly….Fairies  Mad March Hares  Baba Yaga & other Suspected Cannibals

Rogues' Gallery - Tales of Vagabonds, Thieves and Chancers: with Christine and Ben McMahon, Ben Haggarty and TUUP

A canting crew of mendicant storytellers raid the treasure house of world folklore, myth and fairytale. In this glittering hoard of quick-witted, cruel and cunning stories - top dogs are bested by underdogs, bribery and corruption in high places is exposed ,and it is indeed possible to get something for nothing...

Lancashire lass, Christine McMahon comes down to the dodgy south - button-holing a brass section along the way - to be joined by Transglobal Underground's TUUP and Crick Crack Club Maestro, Ben Haggarty.

Join this motley bunch of chancers for a night of deceit and treachery...

‘Nicely bonkers’ Hugh Lupton

The Good, The Bad and The Ugly….Fairies: with Jo Blake, Dominic Kelly & Clare Muireann Murphy

On midsummer’s day, amidst the photon-fantastic daylight overload, there’s always the possibility of a fairy epidemic.

Beguiling, tricksy, highly-strung, suspiciously helpful and occasionally insufferably twee – dare to spend an evening in the company of the little people, the good folk, the banshees, boggarts, sylphs and sprites in all their subversive glory.

Three expert bounty hunters - performance storytellers Jo Blake, Dominic Kelly, and Clare Muireann Murphy - will take to the stage, armed with nets and fairy-swats, to act as intermediaries between this and that decidedly 'other' world.

Mad March Hares: with Hugh Lupton, Tim Ralphs & Jan Blake

In a back-to-front world, the hot stepping, quick stepping fool holds a mirror to the world...

Three mighty, harebrained performers unleash a riot of cunning tricksters, madmen and idiots. ‘Richmixing’ on the theme will be the sagacious winner of the Crick Crack Club’s liar’s cup, Hugh Lupton, ‘master of the odd’, Tim Ralphs and the Queen of Afro-Caribbean storytellers, Jan Blake.

Anticipate a night of gleeful deceit and anarchic tomfoolery.

Baba Yaga & other Suspected Cannibals: with Tim Ralphs, Rachel Rose Reid & Ben Haggarty

Baba Yaga, granny-bandy, the hag-spectacular, is partial to human flesh... and she’s not alone.

Making their tongue-in-cheek selections from the Crick Crack Club’s quirky, magical & comedically gruesome menu will be performance storytellers Tim Ralphs, Rachel Rose Reid and Ben Haggarty. Dine out on the cannibalistic side of fairytale, myth and urban legend, in the company of characters who endeavour to eat others, or even themselves - with varying degrees of success.

Enter a very wild haven of fairytale...

Artists are selected for these performances based on their style and repertoire. Please contact us for more details of costs, availability, technical requirements etc, or if you’d like an event on a specific theme.

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