Hugh Lupton
Psalms from the Horses Mouth
Psalms from the Horses Mouth

Hugh Lupton turns his lyrical eye towards the magical connection between man and horse, to evoke the mystery and the sense of otherness that horses conjure. Intertwining Navajo mythology, Celtic wondertales and ‘The Ballad of Davie Davies’, this programme has at its heart ‘The Horses’, Hugh’s stunning narrative poem, in praise of the life of a horseman’s daughter Jenny Wing...this is poetic storytelling at its very best.

The connection between horses and people resonates through history. This programme of words and music explores and celebrates the ancient relationship between man and horse. Through story, poetry, song and music Psalms from the Horse Mouth evokes the companionship and the mystery, the sense of otherness that horses conjure in us.

The piece can be performed solo, or with accompaniment with folk fiddler Chris Wood.

‘... I could put my hands in front of my face and the pictures would not vanish. They were inside me. They belonged to me.’
The Times

‘It's rare to hear work as powerful as Chris Wood and Hugh Lupton's. With beautifully sculpted prose and carefully honed music they seduce the minds of those who listen, skilfully drawing on the past to make sense of the present ... This is welcome nourishment for those who like to think for themselves’
Verity Sharpe (Late Junction & The Culture Show)

‘Sheer wizardry in the guise of utter simplicity.’ Eastern Daily Press

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The poet of the performance storytellers, Hugh Lupton is internationally renowned for creating spoken word masterpieces. Hugh’s interest in traditional music, in street theatre, in live poetry, and in myth, coupled with a degree in Education, resulted in him becoming a professional storyteller in 1981. In 1985 he formed the Company of Storytellers with colleagues Ben Haggarty and Sally Pomme Clayton, pioneering professional storytelling for adults. Hugh's distinctive style of storytelling focuses on the crafted use of English language. His work with Daniel Morden on the Greek epics (The Iliad, the Odyssey and Metamorphoses) has received wide acclaim, and the duo were awarded the 2005 Classical Association prize for ‘the most significant contribution to the public understanding of the classics’. He has toured Africa and South America for the British Council and regularly performs in Europe and the USA. He has published several collections of folk-tales including the award winning ‘Tales of Wisdom and Wonder’. He has appeared on radio and television (most recently Late Junction on Radio 3, Something Understood on Radio 4, King Arthur on the Discovery Channel and Beowulf for the Open University on BBC 2). In 2005 Hugh Lupton had work commissioned by the National Theatre and BBC Radio 3’s Late Junction. His song ‘One in a Million’ (co-written with Chris Wood) won the BBC 2 folk awards for ‘Original Song of the Year’ 2005.

Technical Specification
Production is highly flexible and if any of the stated technical requirements present a difficulty or query, then please do contact us.

Minimum get-in (prior to house opening): 2 hours

Performance length: approx 2x45 minutes

Target audience: Adult (unsuitable for under 12s)

Performance area: dimensions: minimum 4 metres width, 3 metres depth, 3 metres headroom.

Performance to take place in front of black drapes where possible.
Performance to take place on black painted floor where possible.
2 plain wooden chairs (can be provided if necessary)

Lighting: There are only two states: a preset and a performance state. Performance state is a warm wash.

Sound: In smaller venues (up to approx 100 seating capacity) the performance can be performed acoustically.
Where venue size and capacity demand full amplification, please contact us to discuss requirements.
PA for walk in music.

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