Daniel Morden & Sarah Moody
Flyer - Orpheus

Flyer - Orpheus

The Timeless tales of ancient Greece are given new life, by storyteller Daniel Morden accompanied by cellist Sarah Moody, as they turn their attention to the most famous myths in the world: Orpheus, whose musical and poetic powers were so great that they even survived an encounter with Hades; Midas, with his golden touch; the abduction of Persephone, Queen of the Underworld; the nymph Echo, in love with her own voice, and the beautiful, vain, Narcissus.

This performance is rough magic, with a combination of voice and haunting melody perfectly suited to these mysterious stories. Using the primary components of theatre, Morden and Moody conjure unforgettable images in the mind’s eye.

This performance has classical appeal and is ideally suited for adult (12+) theatre and literature festival audiences.

Prices - available on request

Availability - Orpheus is available throughout 2011.

Press for Daniel Morden

‘The tale of Echo and Narcissus stopped all of our hearts, however hardened by age’   The Guardian

‘I could put my hands in front of my face and the pictures would not vanish. I saw banquets and journeys, heroes and ravening gods, all conjured out of thin air’   The Times

Press for Sarah Moody

‘An excellent score...a haunting sound world...always tenderly humane’   The Guardian

Daniel Morden: Daniel has been telling traditional stories for a living since 1989 and his craft has taken him around the world, from the Arctic to the Pacific to the Caribbean. He regularly collaborates with the education departments of The Barbican Centre and The National Theatre. He has conceived and presented numerous documentaries on storytelling for BBC Radio Wales. His first book, ‘Weird Tales from the Storyteller' was nominated for the Tir Na Nog Children's Book Prize. In 2005 he won the Classical Association Award, for his adaptation and performance of The Iliad, with his colleague Hugh Lupton.

Sarah Moody: Sarah is a multi instrumentalist who has worked for over ten years as a musician, music director and composer with theatre companies such as Kneehigh, Wildworks, London Bubble, Horse & Bamboo; Theatre Royal Bath, and Travelling Light. She co-founded a music project with children in Uganda and is currently researching alternative ways of introducing music to very young children. One of the founding members of the Devils Violin Company, she has been working with Daniel Morden since their first acclaimed performance of Welsh fairytales, in 2008.

Technical Specification
Minimum get-in (prior to house opening): 4 hours. Get-out: 1 hour max

Performance length: approximately 50 minutes first half, 45 minutes second half, with an interval.

Target audience: Adult (12+) theatre and literature festival audiences.

Access: · Please give us an indication of how far the unloading area is from the performance area including details about stairs etc

Performance area: minimum dimensions: 3.5m depth x 3.5m width which, if possible, will be a slightly raised area, no more than 0.4m high.
Chairs should be arranged in rows and, if appropriate, in a semi circle around the performance area; not in cabaret style with tables.

A black box where possible.
Any back drop or decoration needs to be minimal, plain and unobtrusive.

Lighting: We require:
A warm general cover wash that doesn’t shine directly into the storyteller’s eyes.
Low house lights throughout the performance to allow the performers to see the audience from the stage.
A lighting technician to operate lights during the show.

Sound: We will need to use the in house PA system in the theatre including 3 XLR leads. Daniel has a radio mic for his vocals and Sarah has a DPA mic (with phantom) for the cello and a SM58 vocal mic. We will bring all our mics with us.

Other requirements:
Dressing Room: Please provide a secure area for performers to change in and leave personal belongings.

A small table for merchandise - CDs and Books - to be sold by performers during the interval and after the show.

Contact Details
For further information, and to book, please contact the programme manager, Kate Norgate
07791 157 437