Hugh Lupton & Daniel Morden
Flyer - Metamorphoses

Flyer - Metamorphoses

The stories of Greek Mythology, and characters such as Orpheus, Persephone, Echo Narcissus, Arachne and Midas, have fascinated audiences and inspired artists for over three thousand years.

This well known storytelling duo, have become renowned for their oral retellings of Greek mythology. In 2006 they were awarded the Classical Association Prize for the ‘the most significant contribution to the public understanding of the classics’. Their renditions are gripping retellings of enthralling stories, but also true to their original classical sources. Metamorphoses is their most celebrated performance of Greek Mythology.

Metamorphoses is suitable for programming in small to medium sized performing arts venues. It is ideally suited for venues with an established theatre audience who wish to explore the programming of performance storytelling for adults, as well as for literature festivals, and venues with established performance storytelling audiences. This is poetic storytelling at its very best.

£750 all inclusive

Metamorphoses is in permanent repertoire and is available throughout 2011. Please enquire with specific dates.


‘Our favourite event so far (at the Edinburgh Festival) has been the rendering of ‘Metamorphoses’ by master storytellers Hugh Lupton and Daniel Morden. The tale of Echo and Narcissus stopped all our hearts, however hardened by age’   The Guardian

‘Moving, passionate and vital … Praise be to Morden and Lupton who made the Gods live…’   The Times

‘The nation’s most celebrated storytelling duo ’   The Times

‘I could put my hands in front of my face and the pictures would not vanish. They were inside me. They belonged to me. They were part of the history of the whole of human life.’   Rachel Campbell Johnson, The Times

Technical Specification
Get-in (prior to house opening): 2 hours. Get-out: 30 minutes.

Performance length: 2 x 45 minutes plus short interval

Target audience: Suitable for adults and children aged 12+

Performance area: 10 feet x 8 feet.

Lighting: Warm light centre stage (straw gels). The artists can bring 2 lighting stands for village hall touring.

Sound: No PA necessary for small venues; large venues please phone to discuss.

Other requirements: A small table for selling merchandise

Contact Details
For further information, and to book, please contact the programme manager Kate Norgate
07791 157 437