Xanthe Gresham & Allison Phillips
Isis is You Sis + Hecate Tango (double billed)
Flyer - Xanthe Gresham in Hecate

Flyer - Xanthe Gresham in Isis

Described as ‘The aerial artiste of the spoken word’, Xanthe becomes the fool of the world, in a pair of performances that deal as much with wigs, a pregnant cat and the search for happiness, as with an Indo-European fairytale and uncensored Egyptian mythology.

Teetering between the sharply hilarious and the devastatingly provocative, this pair of roller-coaster performances combines mythology, fairytale, playground rhyme, and the things people get up to in their pursuit of love, happiness and enlightenment. Xanthe Gresham takes her aversion to wavy hems firmly in hand and delves deep into Isis and Osiris, the Egyptian tale of love versus murder, rape and betrayal, and brings Hecate, the great goddess of blackness and beginnings back onto the dance floor.

This is performance storytelling at its most contemporary - challenging definition as it crosses the uncharted boundary between storytelling, one-woman show, and theatre. This piece draws audiences from many sectors of the performing arts, and has particular appeal for audiences aged between 25 and 45. It is unsuitable for under 16s.

Isis & Hecate is ideal for performance in small (100-200 seat) black box studio theatres with raked seating.

In the region of £350 plus expenses.

Isis and Hecate has been seen at the Barbican Pit Theatre, Northern Stage, The Tobacco Factory Theatre, Tristan Bates Theatre, Swindon Arts Centre and elsewhere across the UK and in Northern Europe. The show is in permanent repertoire and is available throughout 2010 and 2011

Press for Xanthe Gresham

‘she speaks like a woman spitting jewels.’   Arts Council England

‘Gresham is a truly great storyteller, who unwraps each tale like the petals of a lotus flower. At the end of the evening you leave with something beautiful created in your own mind’   Cecily Boys, British Theatre Review

‘... geometric chaos.’   The Independent

Programme Copy
In a pair of roller-coaster performances, Xanthe Gresham teeters between the sharply hilarious and the devastatingly provocative.

If you've ever done online dating, set fire to the curtains burning relics of a recent love or generally lost your golden lotus, then Isis Is You Sis. Combining the comic moments of breaking up and the single slog with a pure rendition of Isis and Osiris, the Egyptian tale of love versus murder, rape and betrayal, Isis Is-You-Sis will cause such a sunrise in your soul you'll just want to get out there, throw your arms towards the dawn and Create Life, Love Life, Desire Life. How can you miss it?

How do you cure an addiction to sex? How do you crack your soul's pin code? Hecate has the answers. She was chucked off Mount Olympus for refusing to hail Zeus as the one and only. Now she sits in outer space doing cosmic sudoku on our behalf. Combining performance storytelling, poetry and mythology, the energy of the great goddess of blackness and beginnings is brought back onto the dance floor.

Xanthe has been a full-time storyteller since 1995 working both solo and in close collaboration with musician, Sherry Robinson, to create such memorable performances as ‘Cuchulain’, ‘A Key to Eyelids’ ‘Hecate Tango’, and ‘Aphrodite and the Real Red Shoes’. Her style is highly distinctive, energetic and delighting in the absurd and preposterous. She has been described as ‘The Aerial Artiste of the spoken word.’ She has worked extensively for The British Museum performing Epics from Iran, Iraq and Ireland, Native American Stories, and Stories for numerous exhibitions such as ‘The Magic of Persia’ and ‘Durer’. She works as a storyteller for Holland Park and The Chelsea Physic Garden and is Lecturer in Storytelling and Drama at the University of East London. She has performed in Festivals, schools and libraries in the UK, Ireland, France, Slovenia, Holland, Switzerland and New Zealand.

Technical Specification
Isis and Hecate is devised for performance in black box studio theatres with raked seating and a capacity of up to 250 people. It is not suitable for venues where seating is on the flat, or where seating is below the level of the stage.

Performance length: approximately 120 minutes + interval

Interval: Yes, 15 – 20 minutes (max)

Target audience: Adult: has particular appeal to 25 - 45 age range. Unsuitable for under 16s.

Latecomers: Yes

Performance area: minimum dimensions: 5m width, 4m depth, 3m headroom.

Set: The performance to take place in front of black backdrop/tabs if possible.

Lighting and Sound:
Full lighting and sound specifications are available on request. Where facilities, resources, or time for a technical fit up and get in are limited, Isis and Hecate can be performed with more basic lighting than indicated in the specification. Ideally one sound and one lighting technician will need to be provided by the booking venue, and get-in provision should include a cue-to-cue for both sound and lighting.

Naked Flame: (Fire plot and risk assessment available)
Isis is You Sis (first half). Xanthe burns a piece of torn up paper in a standard sized saucepan placed on the floor. She then uses the lid to extinguish the fire. Please ask for further details if necessary.
Hecate Tango (second half). Xanthe strikes two long matches on the side of her suitcase, then stands holding them lit in front of her while they burn half way down their length. She then blows them out and throws the extinguished matches onto the floor behind her.

Language: sexual references.

Other: The stage will need to be swept in the interval. Debris will consist of clean cat litter, a small amount of spilt water and newspaper. Please ask for further details if necessary.

Contact Details
For further information, and to book, please contact the programme manager
Kate Norgate
07791 157 437