The Day of the Dead
Previously performed by: Ben Haggarty, TUUP, Xanthe Gresham, Rachel Rose Reid, and Jo Blake

Flyer - The Day of the Dead

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Flyer - The Day of the Dead

The 1st and 2nd of November marks the Mexican festival of the Dias de Los Muertos, and since 2007 The Day of the Dead show has been one of the Crick Crack Club’s annual signature events.

Here a cabaret of storytellers (ranging between 2 and 5) dig deep into their potent repertoires to dance hand-in-hand with that dynamic trio - God, the Devil and Death. In this bizarre and quirky celebration, dead ancestors are honoured and Death is mocked, cheated and saluted by turn. Expect ritual, stories, music and magical mayhem.

Originally devised for the Unicorn Theatre, this annual performance has also been programmed at the Soho Theatre, at the British Museum and in 2010 Rich Mix will play host to Ben Haggarty, TUUP, Rachel Rose Reid, Joanne Blake and Mariachi Jalisco in their quirky celebration of The Day of the Dead.

Both family and adult versions of the performance are available.

Day of the Dead  Day of the Dead  Day of the Dead

Prices vary depending on how many performers are involved.

The Day of the Dead is available for programming on the 1st and 2nd of November each year. Extended bookings around these dates will also be considered.

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Technical details available on request

Contact Details
For further information, and to book, please contact the programme manager, Kate Norgate
07791 157 437