Hugh Lupton & Chris Wood
On Common Ground
An evening of stories, songs and music exploring the life and times of John Clare.
Flyer - On Common Ground

The landscape holds the memory of everyone who has ever trodden it… all we have to do is listen. In this programme of story, music, poetry and song Chris Wood and Hugh Lupton put their ears to the ground and tell the story of John Clare. It is a performance that explores the porous boundaries between language and place, madness and exile, love and loss.

Hugh is a master wordsmith, Chris is the leading folk musician of his generation, together they weave a beguiling magic. This is a programme that sings of the unsung and remembers the forgotten histories of the soil.

£800 all inclusive

On Common Ground has been performed at The Cheltenham Literature Festival, The Barbican Pit Theatre, The John Clare Festival Helpston, Beyond the Border Festival, The Festival at the Edge, The British Library, Bath Literature Festival, Chichester Festival, Salisbury Festival, Ilkley Festival and many arts centres and village halls.

On Common Ground is available throughout 2011.

Press for Hugh Lupton and Chris Wood

“Sheer wizardry in the guise of utter simplicity… wonderfully evocative.”
  Eastern Daily Press

“It's rare to hear work as powerful as Chris Wood and Hugh Lupton's…they seduce the minds of those who listen, skilfully drawing on the past to make sense of the present... This is welcome nourishment for those who like to think for themselves"
 Verity Sharpe, Late Junction & The Culture Show

Biography: Hugh Lupton and Chris Wood
It is a common hunger for celebration and exploration of our national fingerprint that has brought Hugh and Chris together. Their first meeting revealed many parallels in their individual paths as writer and composer, musician and storyteller. Both are fluid interpreters of traditional manuscript, familiar with the journey from page to contemporary performance. Their previous ‘Praise Song’ collaborations are Psalms from the Horses’ Mouth, which celebrates the life of Jenny Wing, and True Thomas. The music, original and traditional, played and sung by Chris Wood, underscores and weaves in and out of the spoken narratives.

Technical Specification
Get-in (prior to house opening): 2 hours. Get-out: 30 minutes.

Performance length: 2 x 45 minutes plus short interval

Target audience: Suitable for adults and children aged 12+

Performance area: 10 feet x 8 feet. If the audience is on the level some sort of staging for percussionist is advisable.

Lighting: Warm light centre stage (straw gels). The artists can bring 2 lighting stands for village hall touring.

Sound: No PA necessary for small venues; large venues please phone to discuss.

Other requirements: A small table for selling merchandise

Contact Details
For further information, and to book, please contact the programme manager, Kate Norgate
07791 157 437