‘the endless baptism of freshly created things’ Garcia Lorca

These are some of the shows that we've programmed recently in London and with our partner venues across the country. This is by no means a definitive list - especially as storytellers work with permanent repertoire! We work hard to match performances and performers to venues and audiences, and are always happy to give advice about programming, audience development, and marketing performance storytelling. If you're a venue interested in programming storytelling, then please get in touch

The King and the Corpse

The Devil, the Tsar & 3 Dry Biscuits


Fairy Tales for Grown Ups

Baba Yaga & The Virgin

Psalms from the Horses Mouth


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TUUP Ben Haggarty Dominic Kelly Ben Haggarty Xanthe Gresham Hugh Lupton Ben Haggarty


Solomon & Sheba

From The Odd

Mr Sandmann

Sundiate Keita

Beauty & The Beast

The Homing Stone

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Daniel Morden Sally Pomme Clayton Tim Ralphs Ben Haggarty Jan Blake Ben Haggarty Hugh Lupton

On Common Ground



Isis + Hecate

Grim Grimms


Caribbean Spook Tales

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Hugh Lupton Ben Haggarty Dominic Kelly Xanthe Gresham Ben Haggarty Hugh Lupton & Daniel Morden Jan Blake & TUUP

The Day of the Dead

Themed Performances

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TUUP et al various storytellers