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The Crick Crack Club
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Ben Haggarty Artistic Director - Ben Haggarty: storytelling pioneer, performance storyteller, founder of the Crick Crack Club, co-founder of Beyond the Border Festival, and man with vision. Without him we wouldn't be where we are today. Contact him to discuss projects and partnership proposals.
Kate Norgate Programme Manager & Project Developer - Kate Norgate: Bright-ideas-haver, administrator, artist-looker-after-of, and person who makes things happen. Contact her about all and anything to do with the Crick Crack Club.
Laura Sampson Audience Development Officer - Laura Sampson: Discoverer of audiences, mistress of marketing and general flag waver! Contact her with press and review enquiries (but donít try to sell us advertising space, we donít have the budget for such things!)
Joshua Wiskey Joshua Wiskey: (Chairman) - artist, painter, word games creator, Director of BabbleINK Ltd, general fixer of problems and life-long Crick Crack Club supporter.
John Mitchinson John Mitchinson: - Writer, Director of Research for QI , co-founder of Unbound, pig-keeper, and proper bearded man.
Pamela Edwards Pamela Edwards: - writer, researcher, lifelong nuturer of creative careers; silver-haired supergran, who really does believe that stories can change the world.
Sarah Liisa Wilkinson: - production editor at Nick Hern Books, Playwrite and storyteller.
Rana Ward: - sacro-cranial therapist and storytelling audience fly girl.

The Crick Crack Club is a project of the London Centre for International Storytelling,
a company limited by guarantee.
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We gratefully acknowledge the photographers whose work appears on this site, including:
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